What Equipment Is Used For Filming Life Under Cam

Life under cam is a new type of projects similar to reality shows on TV. Reality shows featuring common people are super popular since they are less predictable in terms of plot and participants reacting to events. Also, people like watching others fighting, quarreling, developing relationships if all that happens for real.

Lifeundercam is a similar type of content, but it is provided online instead of TV, and as a result, a lot of things not allowed on TV can be seen here, and one of the main things is sex between the participants. Lifeundercam video episodes include 24/7 observation of the actors in the show, excluding maybe their visits to the WC (unless they have sex there). This is the main attraction and the main reason why most people enjoy the idea, and thousands of users buy access to the platform hosting the project.

However, there are some difficulties in filming this type of shows, because a lot of additional equipment is needed for video and sound. In contrast to the conventional porn videos, a team of cameramen and soundmen cannot run around the reallifecam house filming each participant all the time, especially when they have sex behind the closed door. This needs way too many people for the team (which is costly), and such an approach also spoils the casual informal atmosphere among the participants.

So, the voyeur house tv teams take a different approach. They put cameras in each and every corner of the house, in every room, and all placings like storage closets as well. Outside, more cameras work to spot the participants in the garden. There are also cameramen who actually chase the people around the house, especially during some main action like completing a task or fighting. But the main filming is done via stationary cameras.

As for the sound, this is more complicated, because it is hard to provide high-quality sound. There are soundmen chasing people around together with the cameramen; and yet, all the participants are requested to wear small portable microphones all the time, except in the shower. In all bedrooms, there are microphones near beds, because obviously, people cannot wear equipment while sleeping, and something interesting still might happen at night. Also, microphones are put in all rooms next to the stationary cameras.

Organizing this type of project is not easy, because the number of employees in the team, and the amount of equipment needed is huge. Obviously, the filming is costly, because the participants living in the house are paid as well, and are provided with things necessary for comfortable living. However, the users can still watch life under cam free of charge for a certain period of time, as the authors of the project want it to gain popularity. So, if you are not sure whether you like it, find a free trial.

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